cup of rosie lee

who fancys a tea at the tea hut tonight

what time?

Yep i could be up for that,fran wanna meet me on the way up there ???.

im easy anytime i dont mind

What sort of time? Could go home form work that way

Whats the weather like out (currently stuck in a building with no windows on my floor )

No doubt you are all there sipping a nice hot cuppa, but i just wondered where this “tea hut” you speak of is?


the “Tea Hut” is on the A2 on Blackheath Common, SE3

see you up there …might take the bike tonight…depends if missus is coming up…

Cheers Dibble, bit far for me for a cuppa i think.

none of you who posted this turned up.People will NOT follow up your meets if you keep screwing it up. to$$ers

actually i was there. came up in the 4x4 about one ish …warren, mike the trike, tons of fun(gary), fireman george, cabbie gary and little nick were there. left there at three am…mandy and arthur were behind the counter…

Oh, now thats a nice way to talk to the forum Moto… So anyone that doesnt turn up for a meet is a ******???


Are you people alll insomniacs. Who the hell goes for a cup of tea on their bike at 1-3am?

Bugger i completely forgot about this thread! made my way home and forgot about it…

i wouldnt say im a T***** though, seeing as there is no TIME posted anywhere, how can you expect people to turn up if there is no time posted?! afterall theres 24 hours in a day!

that’s exactly what I thought, you’ve read my mind there… hehehe oh dear.

in answer to the ladyp

Well we come from different places and sometimes go out of our ways to get to a meeting, if people are saying, yeah yeah i’ll be there and they don’t turn up there’s ony a few names for them, one of which is indeed to$$3rs, no excuses unless its force majeur. We haven’t got time for lamers.

Captain…this is the thread that i was talking about last nite…the one that made me go

i know how you feel, but t***ers!!..tut tut tut

sorry Sally but i am known for speaking my heart out in and out of the forum. no offenses to anyone in particular, it was just a general appeal.

no offence. but you directed it at the people who wrote on this thread…some of us cant get there till very very late but then again i dont leave till four or five in the morning…am there most nights with mates…please come over and introduce yourself to them…

I am going to have to disagree with you capt. I got up to blackheath @ 01:20 and there were quite a few bikers up there. Including Joe,Warren and Mike. Met Joes wife Anita up there too…Lovely lady