Cunning Stunts!

Amazing what happens in car parks on Friday nights.
I have loads more if anyone wants to see them.
Or if you want me to bring my camera along to your very own biking event…!









Cool stunts, was that Fri 10th?

“Coops” owes my Foxy £500 for a bike he bought off her and never finished paying for. Perhaps you could have a word and ask him when he’s going to find his morals and pay her after all she did for him when he was hard-up.

Nice pictures though, I like the light effects

Ooops, never met him before except for that night in the carpark Jay. Didnt mean to stir anything up.

Yeah, the 10th. Been away in France collecting speeding fines so this has been the first opportunity I’ve had to post them up.

You haven’t, it’s no problem, but some things are hard to forget.

I love the pictures, it’s just a shame some bad things happened with certain folks.


Great pix here and some really superb shots on your site.

Nice work.


great pics mate, these are from a recent Midnight BBQ organised by CD Riders, and these are all pics of our members.

Would be great to see the other pics as well, hope you dont mind me sharing them with the guys as well.

somethings are best left to private messages

Unless they fall on deaf ears. Nobody likes being ripped off and it’s been two years now, Foxy deserves more respect than that, she’s never done anyone any harm or given cause for this kind of treatment. Quite the opposite, she’s always been eager to help her friends where she could, and look how she gets treated.

I think its only right that others hear about somebody being dishonest-it warns people who might do business with him.

But thats just my opinion.

Nice shots Paul, love the 2nd curtain flash stuff

Cool pics

Money…can/will F up the best of friends and is the reason I only loan what I know the person can pay back

wicked pics paul

and all the guys said thank very much for them.

where are my pics on here?

i agree with jay on this one

coops should pay foxy back what he owes

nice pics!!

Shhh! Dont give my tricks away!

Ok, ok! Bluddy attention seeker! Next time buy a red bike, they photograph better OK?





Dark or red bikes are always hard to get focus or exposure on I find as well Paul! Either that or the Ducati’s are just TOO fast Loving the pics…

thanks paul nice one