Well we`re off there tomorrow.

Opened our presents tonight incase they get wet.

Wish us luck and we wish you all a sticky Christmas.

Big up to the LB family, keep up the good work, we love you all. x

Have a lovely time.

See you next year

We’ll be back before the end of the year if we don’t get washed away :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas to you xx

merry Christmas jetstreams , enjoy the lakes,

Thanks Jamie.   No golf on the lawn this time we think :frowning:

We might find a few impromtu lakes too.   Merry Christmas to you & Nats & see you for a New Year ride …if we don’t get washed away x

Have a great christmas hope you don’t get too much rain.

See you soon x

Thanks Ang.  Wishing you & Mark a peaceful and quiet time to get you both back to health.   Merry Christmas xx

Have a great Xmas Mr & Mrs J, take your wellies and stay dry.

Hope to see you soon…

Have a great Xmas and hope the rains don’t cause you too much grief up there!

Merry Christmas , hope it’s all ok for you.

Merry Xmas you gawjus people and take a canoe

Happy Christmas all, C&J have you taken the canoe?

Thanks everyone & Happy Christmas :slight_smile:
No canoe but we have wellies. Hopefully HQ should be ok as on a hill. M40 is dryish at present

Merry Xmas Js

just spoke to the jetstreams up north, hope your back to normal very soon Chris, luv to both of you.

Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas Mr & Mrs J :slight_smile:

Apologies to anyone we tried to ring but got cut off, also for Mr J’s funny attempt at speaking as he has lost his voice and sounds like a tranny. Happy Christmas all and can’t believe we have signal here for the first time ever - must be next door’s wifi. Internet has at last come to Cumbria :slight_smile:

Nope Mr J knew it was you just thought it was the vino talking :wink:

It was the Vino, how much is the blackmail tape worth?

Having been in that situation of midnight calls regarding the crows in the pine trees i can sympathise …!