Cubana Wednesday - 31-5-06

There’s just a few pics here, with some of my less than hilarious humour attached. All LB members can use these pics for personal, but they’re all copyrighted to me (Toby-1-kenobi) so no business use without permission please…as if you lot would! Enjoy[email protected]/album?.dir=/3839re2

And by the way, all insults are very welcome … but won’t be read

Love the GSX 1000 Inspired

Nice photo’s, was that a GSXR Skoda, not quite sure of the model!

Some nice snaps of the evening and the hilarity is ace. Cezar and Barro, awesome…

Good work Tobe…nice shots mate…cheers

NIce one Tobi!!!

nice… so whats with the “this weeks competition”…?

very nice! i saw the back of my head!

Great photo’s Toby… Thank for putting such a flattering piccy of me up! LOL…

It seems someone was paying attention

Well done Nickffc.

For those of you that are interested, if you can identify the bike and the owner of said bike in that picture you win a free photoshoot/portrait … of your bike, your bike and you, you …or even your dog if you like.

Basically I need some picture practise and whoever guesses the right bike/owner can be my test dummy…if they want

very funny! Why barro doesn’t get a ballom? lol

Good work bughead

pic 28 of 28, save the best till last eh


Ah Wigster. too right mate.

Actually most of the others were crap and out of focus and I had to mug Jay, steal his camera and pretend all these other shots were mine, but that last one, she was mine I have to say. Good to meet ya mate


I got plenty of “Ballroom” and Ive been to “Balham” so you must mean “A Balloon” ??