Cubana Wed 21/6/06

BBC weather says the weather is meant to be good.

Im hoping to collect some money for the ride in memory of Ali. The rides just over a month away and we are hoping to collect most of the money before the day, saving us to guard the money on the day. You still have more time so no rush but anyone who would like to pay early, its up to you. Many thanks.

Those of you who dont have a clue what im talking about, have a look at the ride out section and put your name down.

Will be there mate…

Plus also have the two get well cards for you guys to sign…

Will try and make it… subject to work & other commitments…

I’m scheduled to work but i am DESPERATELY trying to get it off to make my virginal appearance…

This virgin lark clearly doesn’t suit me and i need violating…


I will be there. So will jo, who is bringing the newbie stick ?

I shall be coming down, as the 1000th member i think its about time i showed up!

Its my first time and I dont know any of you so please come and say hello. Will be on the bike in my profile.

See you there.


pointy sticks?



AbbeyJ is in control of the newbie stick, not pointed as far as I know but then she is South African and we can have a mean streak.Lol

“she is South African and we can have a mean streak”…

Whatever floats your boat… not my cuppa tetley…

i will be there and would like to pay my five pounds towards the ride in memory of Ali. looking forward to meeting some more of you.

yes ill be there cant get there til 8.30 c u all there .i gonna see the stick and where does she poke u with it

She pokes you where you would like to be poked!

Oi Behave London or am I gonna have to call Weaver…

But hey if you are cant take the schtick then you have to live with it…

And I dont have a mean streak… honest claws only come out when backed into a corner…

Big SA claws

Sorry AbbeyJ, really sorry. Please dont call Weaver, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Lol


Am really sorry but not able to make it this week

I have a friend coming round who I haven’t seen for ages, and it’s the only night she can do!

Have a few drinks for me though guys… I know you will!!

Luv Christine

Hoping to make it, probably early and only for an hour or so, but, aiming to be there.

Working until midnight this week, but should be able to make it next week…that will mean it’s my turn for the newbie stick!!! OHHH NOOOOoooooo! Maybe if I don’t mention it, I might get away with it??? oops.

Be gentle AbbeyJ

should be up there, and maybe get a better turn out than last week

i will be there this week as im in london all afternoon