Cubana Tonight !

Good to see you all and the New faces …“Chris P” and “Hambley”.

All good stuff with Lorna from Breakthrough Weekend giving me all the final details "cant wait " and all the regular “Kebab Munching Monsters” there in force !!

Safe ride back and feeling good .

Thanks for all the fresh interest in the “Stewarding” (Snooze and Loopy) and to all those that didnt forget their documents for registration.

Cheers all !!


Not met you yet! Will next be at Cubana in a couple of weeks! Will say hi then!

Oh, stewarding?? Documents, am a bit slow on the uptake…

yes not to worry bazza will be there at ace on sunday with my docs! lookin forward to it!

Yep, was a good night all

Was good to meet a few new faces too and catch-up on Charly’s night out last Wednesday (so…what time DID we leave the club dudes? )

Sorry that I didn’t say bye to all of ya, came over a little all of a sudden and had to go

All good now though

Cheers, and ride safe.

PS. Saw Hambley on the way back (he left about 30 minutes before me…and yep, he was lost PMSL at the lights mate when I pulled up next to ya!!)

Hey Guys…

I found my office… now i just have to make it back to the hotel… is should I just kip on the floor here?


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, names and faces will probably get forgotten and confused… but i just spoke to my main client (the guys that keep me from starving) and they’re gonna hook me up with a room down here, and I can stay with my parents up north, so I can split my time between them!

thenutz… nice one mate… you’ve got me doubting the CBR…maybe i want a Gixxer after all (maybe I want yours, lol)

To the lovely girl on the brand new Gixxer… well - you’re nice…and so is your bike shy face

To SVStreetFighter… you’re a legend mate, i’d have been screwing arround london for ages… but now we all know why theres so many miles on my bike!

Errrm whhooo else, two lads, one irish fell on a hornet, and a big lad on a supermoto thing, nice bikes - both of them, and good lads too…

Annndd to the bearded bloke who came to the Kebab shop with us, nice to meet you bud, even if i didn’t catch your name… have a safe rideout to Hastings this weekend mate

To the Project Manager that was talking with thenuts and I, sorry - i didn’t catch your name… but nice to meet you non the less

Jay… give up that .NET crap… you know Open Source is the way forward… that - or lend me the .NET books so I can learn to use .NET for more than just C# utils and VB experiments!

MediumJohn, and the lad who’s name I didn’t catch - nice to meet you both too, however breif it was… maybe i can grab 5 mins with you next time I’m down and have a proper chat… by then i’ll have a homebrew new clutch and gearboz

good to hear you made it back in one piece, sounds like well be seeing you around more then!

im crap with names, so hello to anyone i spoke to ( i was the guy with the fazer, the other guy had the moto and were both from ni (though hes so quiet you prob cant tell))

and watch out for that east ender on the black R6

also matey, a gixxer? dont do it! how many gixxers did u see tonight?!

Every other bike wa s gixxer, but it’s nice… i’m gonna go back and sit on the CBR when I take the r6 out (mmmm) and see hwo it feels, either bike is gonna cost me about 3 grand… but the gixxer is smaller, and I’m not 100% sure about what I want yet… but it’s been like…days since I passed, and i dont have a couple of grand handy… so it doesn’t really matter either way!

Nice to meet you… (he says again) atleast I have a face to put with the avatar/name now… hope to catch you again down there, or on a rideout sometime! ( i really do need to put my new geabox in though!)

sorry to have missed some of you…had to wait for samanthazx12r to come round to mine …typical woman…never comes on time…(make your own jokes up there).nice to see abbeyj and flatout and little sincere and even caught a glimpse of sasha. and a big hi to ginger as he was out most of the night test riding proper bikes…well nearly…

Go back and sit on it, then BUY it…much better than a Gixxer, sorry Da Artist !!!

dont buy a blade, lacking in power…

Good to meet new faces, looking at the pics now!

Post some up, as I was unable to join in the festivities tonight!

Tomorrow, I’m off to bed now mate, very tired!

Im not gonna go there, i am not gonna go there, i am not gonna go there…

nice to see everyone last night…

Joe I am glad you waited for Sam - Sam as always great fun talking to you…

And I think you are right - time for another girls ride…

And more importantly glad to see everyone got home safely…

Blimey by the end of the evening was struggeling to remember everyone I met but here goes - good to chat with you all…Adam??, Toby-1, SvStreetfighter, Sincere, Fly-by, Hambley, Jay, Thanutz, RizlaSV, Ginger, Charleycbr…and there were two guys I didn’t catch the names of…a web designer on the Beemer 650 and the guy on the 600 Bandit with the exhaust in need of attention (hope you get it sorted!). Oh and how can I miss AJ…he, he, he…me little partner in crime…catch the newbies meet thread and you’l know what I mean!

Apologies for anyone missed - maybe catch a few more next time.

Any how, cheers peeps stay safe…oh and Charley thanks for the help with that damn screw in me tire…still holding well though!

Good to have been out, Abbey,Sincere your a right laugh…talking about nuts and beavers who started that conversation off anyway good I didn’t meet everyone but hope to soon…

I had a cracker of an evening Sam, love seeing you darlin - our time together is too short babes

I had a lovely time yesterday and was pleased to meet loads new faces and Kwacked up finally!

I love ginge’s new gear and matt’s cool t-shirt.

Thanks guys for a really wicked evening - love ya loads x

hi guys, thanks for a good night & it was great to meet some new faces too

I was too busy looking at ure new Gixxer!!