Cubana Tonight ?

who’s going to be there and from what time… We want to come down tonight and say Hi !

Whats the eastiest way to get there ( i can get us to Waterloo / iMax ) its the last bit that concerns me

its behind waterloo station under the tunnel on the left, i think 7 onwards

I’ll be there but in the car unfortunatly, its raining here in Oxford (I know its crap turning up to a bike meet in the car but hey, its a social event and I’m bored, just wish it was sunny ) Whats the weather doing over there in the smoke?

Where do cars park there? I don’t want to get in the way of the bikes.

Approaching the Imax from Waterloo Bridge…go straight onward and under the Railway Bridge (not flats tunnel)…first set of lights turn right and its right in front of you. 7ish onward. !!

Errrr I think they put Cars in the Car Park…I might be wrong !!

Well kids tho i would much rather be out tonight being err over 400 miles away and on a night shift boo hoo makes it difficult but hey ya never no wot the summer and holiday time will bring may get down. As for the st G weekend thing well that a possible need to sort out for a long haul run tho ok dokey.

See you all there, about 7pm onwards! LMRR, use the car-park, silly

I’m leaving my office at about 6pm and should be there for 6.15 or so. Look out for a blue/green firestorm with a huge red make up bag (tail pack) on the back!

Well it should be an unwritten rule now on a wed that its for bikes. I hate cars in car parks when I turn up on a bike

Well its only little so i’ll try to get it in there but I’m trying to be polite here by not getting in your way

Not me, the bl00dy thing won’t start, so the battery’s gone to be recharged overnight. Am cabbing home and back to work tomorrow, so budget says ‘no’ to any extracurricular activities. And my muscles ache so a hot bath, a good book, and some Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is called for! Dr Matt’s orders!

Should be there 18:30 to 19:00 dependant on traffic and getting away from the coal face.

Bin it !!!

well hope ya all had fun! im stuck at work the now and just thot of all of ya and hey barro what the hell ya doing up soooo late i would have been tucked up for bed if not working.

Just heard from the mechanics at Londinium who’ve got my battery (replaced by Scooters etc in Fulham just about a month ago). They’re saying it’s no wonder that my battery’s failing, as it’s (a) the wrong battery, and more importantly, (b) a used one!!! It even has another bike’s reg plate number written on it! OK, so I didn’t pay for it (warranty repair) but they would have got compensated by Piaggio, so it looks like fraud to me.

That’s appalling!! … I know it’s a waranty repair, but this is why I work on my bike myself … at the end of the day, you know what’s been done!!

Go and sort out those cowboys Paivi!!

That sucks. Go kick some butt!!