Cubana tonight 26/07/06 whos going

Just wondered who was going tonight???

I’m there! lol

other plans tonight -

So enjoy it all will see you next week!!!


Duncan, going? I can return your flywheel pullers.

Gonna give it a miss tonight.

If Duncan is not there tonight i can get it for him jay

Hopefully I’ll make it on the new moto

sorry can’t make it tonight but will be there next week.

might pop in after work

Bloody wife has got me cleaning the house just because her parents are coming over this weekend!!! Will be over later on smelling of Pledge!

I will be there at around 8:30!

yep, i’ll be there

I’ll be there from about 6ish til late (trying to make up for the last two rubbish weeks - I managed about half an hour between the two!)

i feel for you buddy - mind you, i’d rather have that then liveing next door to your parents like me and lou!!!

We will be there from about 8.30

Too hot man. I’ll be giving it a miss.

I shan’t make it tonight but The Black Knight (!!) will be in attendance.

I REALLY feel for you.

Where is this Cubana place ? May join you guys tonight.

Andrew just beat me to it, I was thinking the same. I was almost melting on the way there last week. On the way back Wiggy and I went through Wandsworth at 11.30 and the temperature was still 26!! Even considered joining the shorts and t-shirt brigade on the ride to work this morning.

7summits, see this sticky thread about it mate!

Come down!