Cubana tonight, 12/07/06

Wolf?? I missed you there mate! Blade come by car girl , you are excused!

Nice to see you all there again!

Nice to finally meet more of you guys. Although I have come to the conclusion that I have the navigational skills of a half empty bottle of toilet duck, and managed to get lost on the way back, even after being taken part of the way (thanks abbyj). So I have decided that for next week I need one of you to shaparone me to and from the cubana. Any takers? (north London)

North London !!!

Camden any good ?..Regents Park area ?

Good to meet you Highside, see you next week mate! Good luck, hehe…

Anyone posting any pics ??..

Cheers Fella!

nice to meet a couple more LB’ers AbbeyJ and Vinny MV … good gathering, nice atmosphere … good to see you again Jay …


well i did turn up…at 10:45 im afraid and everybody had hopp’d it…altho,i did sniff the tarmac for a while and got the genral vibe…thanks all…


were you the guy on the GSXR that pulled in that Katana spoke with just as we were leaving ??

I was on the Duke and Smallred was on he CBR600RR …

oops sorry if i had known would have gone with you a bit further…

let me guess you got lost when hitting that one way on the A10, can anyone explain the purpose of that??? instead of going straight you have to go a block around the block to carry on with the a10???

but ended up going for a little blat on the 406 and then the a13 so could have taken you a bit further…

smiled as always a pity to have missed u mate!!!

Waxy… can I just say that new bike of yours is stunning…

Thanks darlin’!

I’ve now broken my Cubana cherry and very glad I did too. What a cool little bar! Will definitely try and make some more.

Have a nice day chaps n chapesses…


terry she was having a mental break…and im soory i couldont get there.sounds like i missed a good one…see you all at the ace anyway…xtake care all of you and safe rideing.xx

Hi all

Glad I made it for the first time too - although I hung with those I already knew . Wednesdays are usually tough for me so hope to see y’all at Frith on Fridays sometime.

Great turnout last night and it was good to see many new faces. Yet again, I didn’t get to meet everyone so sorry to all those that I missed.

Was good fun, sorry if I missed anyone and I did leave early as well

Had something to attend to

Sorry Sam-i didn’t realise you were collecting. Will try see you before the event to give you some cash

And I forgot completely Sam! I did remember at some point but forgot again, I will see you on the rideout to sort that.

I’ll join you chaps in Camden for the ride down next week. And yep, I do remember the way

well learn some new flippn jokes then !!

Highside will meet us in the usual place in future too !!

and what collection Snap…why didnt you say something when I was talking to ya mate about the ride…next time you see me …remind me please…

as barro said - are the pictures ready yet?? i ask you, you got time to swan off to the pub and have a chat but you can’t get the pictures online LMAO!! bet there’s loads-all i kept seeing were flashes on the way home (maybe that was the speed camera’s - ooopps!)