Cubana tonight, 12/07/06

To anyone going to cubana tonight, im going to be collecting money for the rideout on the 30th of this month. We’re hoping to collect most of the money before the rideout so that we wont have the fear of loosing any money or having to carry it around on the day.

Many thanks.

ps: To those who dont know what rideout im on about, check out the link below and put your name down as its for a good cause.

Ill be there with a donation…

I will be there with donation and to also hopefully relieve Jay of his books. Sorry its taken so long mate!

I’ll be there too!

I’ll be there Cubana and kebabs o yes

i cant go! ive got no babbysitter and as you know adams away…shame realy i loveit there its my mid week break…from my mad house…boohoo.never mind!!.see you all soon xx

I will be there

I’m hopefully popping by after work as I’ve got to go to the Works BBQ at 7:30 this evening.

I’m afraid I wasn’t registered on the forum when Ali was posting here, so I didn’t know him. However, having recently lost a good friend of mine from another forum (, I think this is a lovely gesture and would like to contribute if people don’t see a problem with that. Might need to leave some money with someone as I’ll be popping off early.

Seeyas later,

Cant make tonight unfortunately

Will def be on the ride out and Terry will give you my donation tonight Sam

Oi you get back to studying and stop being lazy on the net

Will be there after recording the latest podcast. Wont be on the rideout, clashes with me racing at Brands I am afraid.

I’ll be there at about 7.30/8pm.

I’ll be there…

ill be there…

Well ill be there please draw your attention away from my bike as its very very dirty from my little jaunt to Luton Monday in the rain, and being very lazy i cant be arsed to clean it… maybe bringing company…

I’ll be there about 9.30

very good turnout i thought tonight, i rode with Vegas, and mate, as always good to see mellow, flatout, abbeyj, bike2travel, and macp, and captmoto, aww thanx x

nice to finally meet foxy, and loads of ya.

Good to see all the New faces and all the regular ones…

Sorry it was a quick visit but I had to get back for work tonight…

Hope you all had a good time and a safe trip back…and the ones riding back with Ginger …

you have my deepest sympathy…

It was a good turnout, i had a good night met some new people, had a laugh with the regulars, all good!

Hi guys/gals…glad u had good time tonight, couldnt make it…still off road…BUT, if in same position on the 30th for rideout, i will come down in the car to meet up with you all?