Cubana Tomorrow??

So who is gonna be coming tomorrow night???


But now I’m a media celeb no photos…

hey guys, i will be there!, looking forward to my second meet! i wont be the virgin this week!

If the shop has my new chain tomorrow morning, will try to get up if I dont have to do a barbie for the wife and mates. lots of ifs tomorrow.


I will try to contain myself

ha ha ha ha

have you got janine on abike yet?

westfazer if you want to ask her mom go ahead but i know better and aint going there…

eek! ok, not a good move abbeyj!?

are you on a proper bike 2moro then? x

Hey Baby is a proper bike…

and yes I am bringing the Baby Bike…

Aye Lassie…

ok only teasing! ive also got a 125 varadero.

see you tomorrow then

oh without a doubt

oh by the way Cezar/Matt, I don;t know what you guys said to that German guy Fritz, but he’s not a happy chappy. He’s really upset about that cyclist thing. I’d be a bit careful, he’s a touch sensitive about his English too. Nice guy tho!

I,ll be there just after you Chaz…discussion of said plan is awaiting!!..looking very very good it is too !!..Flatster…your needed here on this one too !!

Me and a whole load of the supermoto boys will be there. I was also helping some guy in a petrol station tonight who couldnt start his bike and he might come down.

Don’t hold your breath or anything, but I may be down for an hour or so (have to be gone by 7:30) but it really depends on where I end up tomorrow after work.

Cheers Mark.

Ok I only posted once, and have editted this one which seems to have a life of its own

and again.

Cheers Mark.

And if that wasn’t enogh , one last time.

Cheers Mark.

Four posts Mark???

ok I wont hold my breath see you tomorrow…

ok I wont hold my breath see you tomorrow…

ok I wont hold my breath see you tomorrow…

ok I wont hold my breath see you tomorrow…