Hi guys and gals

who’s going to cubana this evening?

Will be there see:

Not been before but will come down tonight.

Just look out for the pink & black beast.

im still going

Will be there very early and then going early.

Me 2 leaving work at 5-515 shouldnt take me more than 20 mins 2 get there from here.

Sorry Peeps… Not tonight. 13 hour days at the moment, Got to fit the wife in somewhere!!!

(But being 6 and a half months pregnant she don’t fit in many places!!!)

Only joking my Lover!!

Will be down but a bit later than I thought, will be bringing a well travelled suntanned adonis with me for the girls to lust after.

Sorry I said I’m not coming!!!

Sorry but I can’t tonight… work to do

LF x


Yep, but you know what us freelancers are like. Have to keep the money coming in somehow.

Im sorry people we have this massive project at work for one of our big clients we needed to work late this week and as there were several of us we put it to a vote and tonite was the winner by 7 to 2 so obviously I couldnt make it, but we had a large curry on the boss

I lied… I did go!!!

Went at 5:50 and noone there, felt very alone so went home to baby sit. Oh what a rich life I lead.

cant have mate i got there at 543…maybe the clock on my bike was slow…met i think TDM and jolyon_russ

i was there with my mate barry but was a flying visit. i was on the silver bandit that rode through the car park about 8 o clock, with no lid on (me, not the bike).

jay popped over to say hello, just as we were going!!

will definitely be down again but not for a few weeks as im working evenings.