Cubana Noise Reminder

Just a quick reminder / information so we all are aware of the situation :

There are residential properties in the area around Cubana, and so we need to keep the noise factor to a minimum especially when leaving up the one way street. I have heard several bikes taking off up there with a handful of throttle and frankly I’d be complaining (once I’d put the pipe out and the slippers on) if I lived up there.

Also, can we follow the rules re the one-way street and the pavement adjoining the main road (i.e. not riding over it) ?

Please please please bear these points in mind, LB has given assurances to the Cubana that we will not cause a problem and we are anxious to keep it that way. If we start getting complaints then we have ALL failed because we will be being seen as ‘hooligan bikers’ or some such.

Thanks for your co-operation and I hope you see this not as a dig or complaint about you guys ('cause it ain’t), but simply as it is intended, a reminder.

Very good point Andrew! I would like to point as well that we are on a kind of experimental period at Cubanas meeting. The police is aware of our presence and obviously the residents. Let’s keep this nice place guys, just keep the noise and etc for the Ace please.