Cubana Last night

It was lovely to meet you guys last night, sorry I was a little shy so didnt get to chat to everyone but I needed to get warmed up a little insert rude joke here!

special thanks to my “black fazer twin” and escort for the night Westie

(I do however worry that I have severe work to do on my fazer to bring it up to scratch! if his bike have been any cleaner I could have touched up my lippy in the tank reflection!)

see you all again soon waves

it was nice meeting you too darlin

well come to the Ace cafe on 2nd Oct, and meet some more of us


I will definately try and make it Ian (beautiful bike btw!!)

Good to meet you mate! See you there next week!

Don’t worry about Westies Fazer - he’s a tart and he knows it! He does spend a little to much time polishing his fazer I think. You should convince him to help you with yours - to give him another outlet for his fazer fetish…

I wasn’t there so you didn’t get to see my bike - it would have made your fazer look like a minter I think! In fact when I park it next to the blue skip I have to look really hard to tell which one is which!

Macp I think you might be right, I will definately be asking “for a bit of help” in the hopes that mine will be spankingly clean and shiny! It was worth missing the cubana for your mechanics class thou, did you guys really enjoy it?

I had died and gone to heaven…So many bikes to work on…so many tools…massive workshops loads of advice…It was fantastic and that was only the first night!

It was lovely to meet you chuck, I’m glad you enjoyed the meet and got home safe. Hope to see you again soon

aye, likewise!

I’ll be givng the 2nd October a miss, as I don’t fancy another blackout whilst I’m on the A40.