So who is gonna be up at Cubana tonight then…gonna be there myself around 7 'ish and AbbeyJ may be along a little later after some pre xmas drinkies at a works do.

oi…oi j i might be temted give us a text…

Will be at the Brazen Head. Come on up!

I’ll be at the brazen as well. Might pop to Cubana for a ride a bit later when the traffic has calmed down - depends if other people are up for it.

i will be going and then to the brazen! see you there!

hey iu have finally got my bike in a working order!!! so ill be up cubana, i cant find my way to brazen sooooo im sticking to0 cubana.

i’ll be there!!!


I will make it one day, but id need someone to come and pick me up, but so far no offers!!

were abouts are ya mate?


Sunny Herts…just off the A10/delightful M25 junction lol

I might get to show my face one day, if i didn’t work such sh!tty hours i would get to come down regular.