Cubana 2morrow?

Who’s going then?

i will be1 got a meeting with a man about some lights!! he he.

Will be there!

i too will be there…

Yep…looking forward to it too !!

Recording the Podcast and then having a bimble down.

Im there

me and the missus will be there!


Hi People

I’m new to the site - joined up yesterday - HELLO

Just wandering what time people tend to meet up at Cubana and when you will be round till.

I’m out with work tonight but have my bike with me and was thinking about popping over on the way home.

Any help would be good

Hello mate! People should start to arrive from 7pm onwards mate, some people even earlier, it will be nice to see you there

Hello Bullet,

And welcome to LB…

poke poke with the newbie stick…

and an extra poke for not posting in the newbies section…



Will definitely be there tonight… Coming down with Flick as she’s my trusty neighbour… will be good to put same names to faces…

Ps… try not to laugh as ill be wearing my trainers with my race leathers… As the dog chewed up one on my race boots…

the answer is…BIKE!!!

Me me me!!! …if I can find my way there.

That fine Mr Jelster and my good self better known as Bladerunners 1 @ 2 will be there .