Cubana 2 nite

Right then - 2 nite Cubana near waterloo - at around 7pm. Thats it right?..

Last week i turned up at about 11.30pm and no one was around.

Will probably show up early with Beaner (another newbie) - look forward to meeting some of you.

Hello mate. People should be there then although I leave it a bit later. Traffic is usually terrible around this time. 12 miles of pure filtering

First arrivers are usually there about 18:30. Look forward to seeing you there.

11:30 is a bit too late for me. I should head home around 11. Work tomorow morning again…

I’ve not made it there yet. Will be there at around 8pm. Am bringing a mate - trying to recruit new LB’ers and all that

Good man, come and introduce yourselves.

Just come and say hello!

Yeah, I’ll be there but does anyone fancy doing this first?

Good to meet you mate. Hope you had a good blat after with a side order of fries

Despite arriving rather late it was good to meet some of you, and thanks to Abbeyj for introducing me to people!

I’ll have to get there a bit earlier next time…

Pleasure 3zero3 - it was good to meet you too…