Cubana 11th Oct

The weather is looking pretty good now - anybody heading to Cubana tonight?

Yep, I’ll be there about 7ish - thankfully on my own bike again and not my brothers scooter !

I’m working tonight though so my visit will be short but sweet.

i miss being able to go :frowning:

Nope not for me, am in st albans, and weather dictaded I came by train Am on bike tomorrow though!

Why can’t you go?

Wednesday is his night, you know facial, massage and waxing how else does he keep those legs smooth as silk??

well i was unfortunate enough to see him prancing down the corridors of our formula 1 hotel in france and he had to go past my room to use the facilities and was in there longer than any of the girls… he had 1 rucksake just dedicated to toiletries

Central London has been fine most of the afternoon. Lunchtime was rather stormy but it seems all good now. Where are you Weaver - Scotalnd?

I reckon Flats has somethuing to get off his chest, lol.

Yeah about 5 hairs anyone got any gaffer tape

It’s not hair, Anil already made that silky smooth too!

Nope, but I do have a rusty pair of tweezers…

Use your teeth

i’ll do it for you with tweezers

Or could try some hot wax

ive only got small nipples be prepared

ill ask anil for some

i’ll be there!!!

c’mon smiled.

Kittens nipples


i could bring him some of my veet strips? ha ha

i shall be there.!!