Cubana 10/05/06 Video

For the first time since I began making these amateur videos I have had the pleasure of including a young artist own music which is yet to hit the turntables.

So after you have watched the video and heard the music give a big shout to Dan (HyperLink) who kindly donated 3 of his tracks to be feaured in my videos, I have so far used 1 of them and I will use the other 2 for the next videos to come in the near future.

I am sure you’ll like it.


Nice one…



very nice!

Really cool video indeed! Hyperlink I’m your fan mate! The music was really nice!

Thanks captmoto

So we got the Captain on Camera and the Hyper on the Decks…!!!

The Ron and Reg of the entertainment industry…we cant lose…

Another great “Pulp Traction Promotion”

I love that stuff !!!

At last im in a video nice one Cap the music works well too

Nice vid…that cubana place looks like a decent joint to hang around .

Which one were you? I didn’t know you were there thats cause we haven’t met yet, you could have told me I still have that disc i am going to send you, it just so happened i have been rather busy lately. damn!!

Me… I couldn’t tell you I was there I didn’t know who you were and never knew I was going till I got there!


great video as always

cheers…ps…nice to have met you on wednesday

Hey…now I got a face to the name…how ya doing mate…I spoken to you loads here and then probably walked past ya at a meet not knowing who you are…Salute!!

Loving the music, at one point did think I am gonna see neo and trinity

He he he! The sample is from Event Horizon. I thought about using the Matrix but it’s kinda been over used now! Glad you like it though.

That music rocks

Capt the links dead, any chance i could have it sent in a email plz

pm on the way for you Da Arstist

Linky no werky! can you send it to me as well please?

Yep, whats going on Captain. No work here either.