Cubana 02.08.06

Because of the iffy weather, I didn’t take many shots, so those I did, are here! Very nice Supermotos, and I love the scooter Matt, though I have to say, I don’t think it suits you Nice jacket tho!

Also, how slippery was it after it rained!? I was sliding everywhere! The front went about four times on the way home, nearly drifted into a car, lol. Hope everyone got home okay.


Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2219.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2227.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2229.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2215.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2216.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2218.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2221.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2223.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2231.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2224-Edit.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2225-Edit.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2226.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2220.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2222.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2230.jpg

Cubana 02.08.06 DSC_2232.jpg

When I was sat on my bed yesterday evening all warm and cosy then it started raining i thought of you guys!

Like the pictures!

Nice scooter Matt

Cold and wet on the way home, no slides tho. Thats 175bhp for you tho…

Leathers still drying out dammit.

Brands won’t be much fun although forecast says bright and sunny. Looks pants here now!

LOL, is that Matt’s Pan Scooter?

How often do you get to hob-knob with WSB stars though Andrew?

Give me the 675 again and I’ll make it slide.

Ah but when your slide your not going forward so your going slower Just like wheelies

First cubana night… no longer a virgin!

Nice to meet peeps.

Slippery on my way home, trying to avoid manhole covers and grills around liverpool street is just impossible!

Enjoy brands guys, will be there sunday, possibly saturday… no hob nobbin for me!

Bugger - should have known those photos would show up - bloody scoot - it’s horrible - will be very glad when it’s back at Chiswick.


Matt…you change your bikes more often than ya T-Shirts mate !!

Yes in the last month…

CBF600, CBF500, Pan European, VFR, 125 Scooter.


Name change is in order…

MATTchangemebiketofitmymoodCASHO !!!

Well i rode home in the rain, with a dark visor and on a cut slick rear tyre which held up remarkably well. In a perverse kind of way i quite like riding in the rain.

Are you doing a Honda product review? And if so I bet the next bike will be a VTX 1800.