CSS Level 1 - Brilliant day!

The ride up to Silverstone the night before was nasty with rain all the way. The weather hadn’t improved in the morning with it raining till about lunch time. I thought the rain would ruin the day but it didn’t in the slightest and it dried up in the afternoon anyway!

CSS are excellent! I have read Twist of the Wrist I & II so had all the theory in my head but when it’s actually laid out in front of you and you have a caoch to analyse your riding it all comes to life!! This was my progress:

Photo 1 I’m sitting high and my arms are straight.

Photo 3 Badger (my coach) has got me to bend my arms so I’m pushing the bars forwards rather than downwards - far more econimical! I’ve now learnt to not hold onto the bars during the bend. Set my line, roll on the throttle and let the bike do it job! Yep it hold the line all by itself!!

Photo 4 Finally achieved my goal for the day - my arm resting on the tank!! I now turning in quickly, hitting my selected apex point, I have my arms bent, relaxed upper body, no grip on the bars (accept to wind on the throttle) and I’m holding on with my legs! All so much easier now!!

In fairness we did start of in the wet and finish in the dry but even during the wet they made our confidence grow so much! An excellent day and worth every penny! I learnt in one day what I have been trying to do with months of trail and error!

Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully you learnt loads and can now put it all into practice. Looking quite good in the pictures.

Glad you enjoyed it Mike, not sure what became of the chap that binned it pretty much in front of me on the first lap… shame the weather was so poo in the morning, I’m thinking of scraping the pennies together to do level 3&4 at Jerez


Jerez; awesome MotoGP circuit in Spain where CSS also do their courses.

Ah I just saw Almeria. Guess it’s the same place? Ah warm and sunny, that would be fantastic!

Great pics mate…I told you you’d enjoy it

You look very good…Envious.

Ah it was the best day! I feel like my bike has been trying to talk to me for months, they had a word with it in ‘bike language’ in then told me in ‘human language’ what it wanted. Sounds weird but d’you know what I mean?

Love the way they break everything down into small chunks!

Can’t wait to get out on the track at Silverstone next Monday and see if I actually remember anything!

Yes I do know what you mean, but the bike’s still telling me to f*ck off most of the time

Think I need more practice…Enjoy the track day…I’m looking forward to riding a 1098 on mine.

Haha! Mine tells me to go faster most of the time! I’m to much of a scaredy cat!

You’re gonna have fun on that Ducati - Enjoy mate!

I read this post yesterday and had a chance to try out what you wrote about on the way home from BMM.

I’ve not really spent the time to read up on technique and all that, however I tried bending my arms to push/pull to handlebars without hanging onto them … what a difference! The bike seemed so much more controlled through bends.

Just reminds me how much I have to learn and that I should really take one of these courses…

Revelation isn’t it! The less imput we have the better, the bike perfectly good at doing it’s job without us heaving in about - or trying to!!