Crusty Demons Unleashed Hell Tour - Wembley this Sunday

Still tickets available for the Sunday night performance if any members are interested in this sort of thing !

mrs got me tickets for the Saturday night show for xmas - should be a laugh ! :w00t:

Went on Sunday on a whim cos had nothign else to do, and was blimmin’ brilliant, those guys are amazing! 10 guys doing backflip combos 0.5 secs after each other was brilliant to see…

Also they backflipped: a Mini bike, a quad bike and a snowmobile! the guy that backflipped the snowmobile broke his back a few months before and in loads of pain, but wanted it to be the first time to backflip a snomobile in london so badly he still did it!! was brilliant…

Really good show, if they come again, catch it… :slight_smile:

I think they are doing a date in Ireland - it was really entertaining. I loved the no hander landers - how the f*ck do you land a bike after a backflip with no hands ?