Cruise Control


I thought this was a cool idea and think I may buy at some point to take the strain out of that unavoidable motorway journey.

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Q: How does it work?
A: The Throttlemeister works simply by friction. Once mounted to your bike, you turn the Throttlemeister bar end in the same direction as opening the throttle. Doing this will put pressure against the throttle tube, which in turn will hold the throttle return spring from retracting. The Throttlemeister will never completely “lock” the throttle. You can always “override” it in any situation. It will not engage or disengage automatically. Check out the “See it Work” page.

Q: How hard is the Throttlemeister to install?
A: Most of our Throttlemeister installations are pretty simple. On the majority of installations just take off the existing end weights and bolt ours on. Complete a few minor adjustments with shims and washers that we provide and you are done.

Q: Will I lose grip area when the Throttlemeister is installed?
A: No, the Throttlemeister mounts on the end of the grips. Mounting our system this way leaves the grip area unchanged. You won’t lose precious real estate on your hand grip, unlike with the competition’s.

Q: What is a “Heavy” unit?
A: The “Heavy” unit is fully explained on the “Heavy vs. Standard” page.

Q: Will the Throttlemeister work with factory heated grips?
A: The Throttlemeister will work for almost all bikes with “factory” heated grips. We do not recommend that it be installed with Hot Grips. With heated grips, the initial adjustments are more critical. We suggest that when you are installing the Throttlemeister you do so with the grips fully “hot” so you don’t get any binding.

Now Available for ST1300 Heated Grips.

Q: Will the Throttlemeister work with Heli after-market handlebars?
A: Yes, we have applications for most bikes with Heli after-market handle bars. If you do not see a specific application for your bike with Heli bars, the standard kit should work for you. Call before ordering to be sure.

Q: Will the Throttlemeister work with other after-market bars?
A: Yes, we fit all kinds after-market bars: Cycle Cat, Converta bars, Speigler, Flanders, and others. If you have after-market bars please contact us to see what will fit your bars.

Q: Will the Throttlemeister work with the Kuryakyn ISO grips?
A: Unfortunately, the Throttlemeister will not work with Kuryakyn grips. The Kuryakyn grip is a metal grip with a small diameter hole. The metal on metal contact would not work and the small hole is not big enough for our mounting hardware to fit through.

Q: I don’t see an application for my bike. Can you help?
A: If you do not see your bike listed, call us and we will work with you to get one fitted to your bike if possible.

Q: Does it come in any other colors than stainless?
A: Yes, it now does! You now have a choice of the standard finish, black milled finish, black finish or the polished finish.

Q: What is the black finish? Paint? Powder coat? Will it wear?
A: The black finish is a high strength TEXTURED powder coating. It is scratch resistant and will not wear.

Q: Does the “Red Stripe” come standard? Can I get any other colors?
A: The “Red Stripe” is standard on all the Throttlemeister units. It is removable.

Q: I bought a new bike. Will the Throttlemeister I have now fit this bike?
A: Yes, in most situations you can re-use the Throttlemeister, but you may need a different kit to adapt it to your bike. Take a look at our application chart to see which kit you will need.

Q: How do I get one?
A: You can order direct from Throttlemeister or ask your local dealer if they carry the Throttlemeister. If they do not, please check our dealer page.