crossing fords - wear a hi-viz

lifejacket might have been more useful :hehe:

Bring yours next time, you can go first:D

and dont cross logs without a life jacket aswell

Bikes with the batterys and electrics underneath the engine aint made for ford crossings :crazy:

Disagreed… You clearly haven’t seen the ford I go through quite frequently… I took a rideout through it too :smiley:

If it was the one you took as all through, that was 3 inches of water! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

We are all entitled to exaggerate if we only have 3 inches

The SD isnt the best bike for ford crossings with the battery at the lowest point on the bike engine area, but she can paddle, no problem

I want to cross some fords but don’t know where there is and good first time ones :confused:

:cool: …bye bye bikey…

drb can take you if you want i had fun :smiley:

eyesford is a decent one

Went out today (public hol) I had water over the top of my boots :w00t: Got drenched - even the top of my helmet was wet - my sunglasses drenched. Lagos potholes - torrential overnight rain - and no drainage system to speak of.

Loved it :smiley: But soft sand - how the feck anyone can ride in that is beyond me for now. :crazy:

Keep an eye on the rideout section

I have planned for July or August a TOWiE wet roads special, a 200+ mile tour of 25+ fords throughout Essex :wink:

That sounds awesomely fun Art

I’m in, though August is better for me :slight_smile: I’ll get my wetsuit and snorkel out :smiley: