hey there…

here are a few pics of my workmate during his trips throug afrika. few pics are old (he was a student during this time and spent 6 month with his bike in africa) and some pics are newer…he is a real crosser and would never drive a sportsbike (like i do)…so enjoy the pics…nice ones…

WOW! Great pics, what an adventure eh? Thanks Marco

Oh mate…Quality…Cheers !

Marco, those pictures are amazing! I looked through them all, and the 23 others in the first link, I’m amazed at the landscapes, truely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Did he have any troubles along the way? I think you would have to be very confident of your ability to do a tour like that!

hey jay - about his troubles along the way

meanwhile he is very experienced in such trips. he visited the sahara 6 times with his bikes. a huge trip across hole afirca and "short"trips across europe. they got robed two times in africa and he had loads of tyre damages…but he never had a broken bike…all bikes survived this trips…

his bikes were always yamahas.

xt500, xt600 tenere, tt600 and since two years a KTM 640 LC4

Some great shots I would love to do a trip like that, 3 riders sun, sand a map going the not so long way around.