Croft Pics

Just wanted to say that this is one really cool pic WOW

well done Andrew

Thats pretty mad! Nice one mate! Cheers for the efforts and taking the time to do it as well.

It’s an amazing picture, considering it’s raining, and wow, check out how hard those guys can ride in the wet, the tyres must be incredible! It’s just a real shame they’re all Honda’s

Thats a great shot and those guys must have endless skill

Thanks Hon

Notice Jonnie Rea has double sliders on to stop him going so horizontal with the bike… scary.

well its a great shot andrew…

really well done…

That was a bit like me last night round stockley! lol Not!

That’s all you’d have needed mind - not much more than a slider’s depth…

I know mate its scary cant quite believe I am that close! I wanted to carry on going last night but I started getting a little dizzy and frustrated with myself so that means bad news. Gonna go again next week of your free?

Don’t see why not ?