Croft BSB Gallery live

Ok you lot, more bikes going really fast for ya.

Go get’em.

Oh, and there’ll be more to come from Toby and Damon - they’ve got the girl shots I think. I was too jet-lagged for the pitlane crowds.




Uploaded mine last night, they just need publishing.

Andrew, that Audi shot is stunning!

hehe cheers D.

I don’t think I can take the shots off the server and put them in a gallery, but Jay’s sure to get one sorted asap. I uploaded mine Sunday night - got home 7pm so leaving early was a great plan. Was getting out the circuit a nightmare?

Not at all. We left at about 6:30pm (so about two hours after the second Superbike race had finished) and drove straight out.

All done, cracking photos from all, I love the way you guys capture a different aspect of each round, you keep the originality up whilst still providing the regular cover. I like it, a lot! I like the experimental shots Andrew!

One of main differences D caught was the second race!! I beetled off after race1 … but in my defence m’lud, he was only going to Sheffield whereas I had a 4-5 hr trek south…

Nice shoots I esp like the one with Shakey walking back to the pits and the one that comes right after it in the gallery

On the same basis then, what was your excuse for Knockhill? I mean, I got home at 2am from that one…