Crippling Finance

So over 5 years your paying £8400 for that.

of course it would be great to be sensible all the time …NOT…work on it do what jay said, reduce it get all your effort focused on it and next time do it over two years maximum 3…five years is too long…but I bet we have all done it at some time never me of course…:Whistling:

I’m with you on this one. Sometimes you just goot have it, lol. The repaymentes aren’t particulalry high, might be worth seeing if you can up the repayments and knock a year or two off the term of the finance.

Same difference, the new value is based in part on the previous value, just in a negative direction. Smart-arse :)Btw, I hope your bike was safe the other night and wasn’t tampered with!

I think you should stick it out, and every time you ge a bit of extra money, put it aside, until you have enough to clear the debt, and with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to clear it early.

And start bonding with your tiger. Love it to pieces. 5 years will go faster then! :slight_smile:

What ever you do, do not start on the slippery of consolidation loans. They will screw you over and double your time and effort.