Its cold and wet here!! Just arrived for a stint of working and travelling for as long as I can take it ,may even see out the 5 years if I can find enough gp sbk tt races to ride to in good company. Pick up bike on wednesday …how do i find out who is going where and if they can stand a new (to uk) rider. Have been riding on and off (not too many offs) for over 20years and missing my beautiful 749 but not keen on trying too keep up with racers(well not all day…

Welcome to LB

If you’re getting your bike on Wednesday, why not pop along to Borough Market in the evening and meet a few people - it’s the best way to find out about rides (along with the ride out section…).

Hey, welcome to LB, and the UK! Come along to the meet as Madscientist suggests, and then read the ride-outs forum to keep up on what’s happening.

Hiya, Welcome to LB. Hope to see you at a meet soon.

Hi and welcome aboard.