Crescents Suzuki Verwood

Just to say had bike serviced at Crescents Suzuki. Really efficient, great showroom and whilst having a coffee you can look down and see them preparing the race bikes.

All in all a great venue and they seem to have lots of kit. Well worth a visit!!!

No Stage1 or 2 tune Rodger?

What’s the matter mate? Get the lead out hehe

It’s a great place, I’ve had the K5 tuned there. It can get very expensive though, that place is Suzuki Mecca! Here’s some snaps from my first visit there with the K5:

Jay, good to know that I am keeping the best company. You’re right it is a Mecca for us Suzi owners.

Do you know the history behind it? I thought race teams ate money in which case someone has very deep pockets

Big loan I would have thought They fund the BSB team along-side their sponsors, and Crescent certainly do charge more than everyone else, and you can see why, still, it’s a good service so I’m inclined to say you get what you pay for.