Crescent alternater cover K5-6

Has anyone on here got one of these, and are they any good??


Alternater cover.jpg

It’s a re-branded Woodcraft armoured engine cover. I have the Woodcraft item on my K5, and yes, they’re good, amazingly good. All armoured cases are worth it as the stock items are made of paper it would seem and always suffer a lot of damage, or get holed in the event of an accident.

The skid plates are replacable, with single or double-thickness items so if you do drop the bike, chances are just the plate will be damaged, though you have to take the cover off to change the plate. A good design idea though when you think about it.

They’re expensive, much more than the defacto NRC engine covers you see on most race bikes. I’ve had both items and prefer the Woodcraft for finish. I.e. they look wicked!



Most racers use NRC covers, probably because they are heaps cheaper and dont have to be aesthetically pleasing.

Aye, great bits of kit. B has one on his 750. Here’s a shot of one I had on my old 750:

And the excuse for the blue chain?

Race-rep, that’s what all the Suzuki race bikes run with It was a 520 pitch conversion as well, I didn’t get it JUST for the colour, heh, that was an after-thought.

Went to Crescents yesterday to look at cover, a bit pricey so might get Woodraft instead. Now wheres the best place to buy one from ??

There was a racing site I bought some Woodcraft clipons from a while ago, who were the official importers of woodcraft products, but I can’t find it right now. Though here’s one I found:

Got mine for the R1 from these, seemed a decent bloke to deal with

That’s the one Darbo.