Creeping Frame Rust (Kawasaki ER6f)

My Kawasaki ER6’s frame is showing some signs of corrosion on the frame.
The paint is very slowly flaking off in some areas showing rust beneath.

What are my options?
Should I just wire brush the rust and an area of paint and repaint over it?

I have got some silver Hammerite Direct-To-Rust paint which is a decent match for the frame colour.

Yeah dude, hit it before it spreads!

Might want to use some of after the brushing, before the hammerite . Although straight to rust on the tin blah blah … I have found using the pre-treatment works better .

Thanks lads. I will get at it and hopefully not balls anything up.
I do already have a bottle of that Kurust.
Any excuse to make it into a naked.