Credit where credit is due

Thursday last week, I received a reminder that my driving licence was up for its 10 year renewal/update.

So, rather than wait, I thought I would get on and do it and try the online system.

fairly straight forward and simple, everything including payment went through OK and so I thought it would take at least a couple of weeks for my new licence to arrive in the post.

Blow me down, not less than half an hour ago, new licence drops onto my mat, and to top it all, all my groups and details are correct.

So, one and a half working days and everything is done.

Not usually a fan of DVLA, but for once, I have to say, “Fair play”…

Now I just have to send my old licence back once I have cut it up. :+1:

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Lol! Count yourself lucky you got a renewal notice.

Last time I found out my license expired was when the bank clerk refused to give me money from my account citing it had expired 3 days before and therefore not valid ID…

I still had a month remaining on my old licence, so I was given plently of notice. Maybe the renewal policy has changed and people are now sent reminders as a matter of course?

I’ve had to renew my digi tacho card at the end of last year, and it came back the same week. Then I had the reminder that I needed my license renew with a medical and new photo for my HGV entitlement. Sent of in the run up to Xmas, came back before Xmas eve, with a note saying the doctor had forgot to fill one part in !! Sent it back Xmas eve, and came back the first week of January. So it does look like the DVLA have got their act up together. I’m just glad the company paid the £183 for the medical.