Credit crunch really screwed me for the 1st time today

Basically my car insurance ran out yesterday not getting paid till today I had to wait, anyone I have been searching literallly every day to get the best quote…

and that quote is £463.57 (on a monthly bases) which is nearly £200 more than last year!!!

I’m livid with the fact that these companies are screwing me over because of their bad investments. worse thing about it is I have no bloody choice I have to insure the car to drive it!!!

Mine was even cheaper this year - got fully comp for less than I paid for third party. :ermm:

Maybe because I am old :wink:


Mine went down too :ermm:

Didn’t even shop around this year :slight_smile:

Any new claims or changes of circumstance sleeper?

Kak news m8…basically they claim you’re covering the costs of non insured drivers which is on the rise with credit crisis. How they can say that is beyond me.

Thing is, they’re their own worse enemies…they put the prices up so high and then wonder why people take the chance to drive/ride without insurance.

My service charge for my flat went up £500 more a year.
My bike insurance went up £400 a year. (claim)

I am being made redundant in july

Oh joy!

you have 14 day’s grace period to find a better quote…my insurance on the bike, cage and van all went down on last renewal - so earch around some more imho

Debz (25/03/2009)

Mine was even cheaper this year - got fully comp for less than I paid for third party. :ermm:

Maybe because I AM OLD;)[/quote

yeah maybe

Mines due sometime soon. Never really look forward to all the phoning round to collect quotes.

only that I have another years no claims!!

same address, same car, same parking arrangements, same amount of children, same amount of mileage think you get the idea

I have basically been uckin robbed blind!!! they even put it up £13 because I said I do not have reg access to another car and therefore I do not have experience in other cars although this is about the 8-9th car I’ve own and probably the least powerful one I’ve owned as well.

I thought the access to other cars/bikes thing simply means that you will not always be driving/riding the insurred vehicle and that therefore the risk on the current policy is reduced. If you don’t have regular access to another vehicle you will always be using the insurred vehicle so the risk of you having a claim on that policy are higher.

Or you have more experience in/on/at operating that vehicle and are therefore less likely to make a claim and accumulate “no claims”.

Half a dozen of one and six of the other. Like any contract its how you read it … doesnt mean you have to accept it.

I’d shop about more m8. Surely someone will give you a better price.

I must have gone to nearly every insurance company in england and it was still the best quote.

what really got me is when they said it is another £50 because you have kids in the car, go figure this I had an accident after 18 months of passing my test. Then me and the other half had a baby, who is now 6 I also have 6 full years no claims! but they are a distraction and so I have to pay extra go figure that one!

Flamin heck…can’t believe you’re being charged extra for everything.

You’re being honest and they’re just piling on the pounds. Bliddy thieving gypos! A big part of my job circles around dealing with Insurance companies and I don’t trust em as far as I can throw them. Unfortunately, like all businesses they’re in it to make money so quite often they’re happy to insure someone incorrectly to make a fast buck and save a payout when the truth comes out at an accident.

tried ecarinsurance? got insurance with them for less than half of any other company

also in the process of a claim and so far they been good.

they were my insurer last year, this year that wanted £560

470 a month? What do you drive? An aston martin?:w00t:

My bike insurance went down £30 this year and i hope my car will too.

A “few”, well 50, years ago, my Dad said to me that I might as well learn now there are 3 forms of theft. (I’d just had my first decent push bike stolen.)

" There’s taking stuff you don’t own. There’s taxation and there’s insurance, and insurance is for paying, not for claiming."

So there are some things in life that are constants.