Creating an invention

Has anyone had any experience with creating/inventing something and making it available to the public?

Only reason I ask is iv had an idea in my head for nearly two years, every now and then I brain storm it in my head and leave it at the back of my mind…

Its now got to the point where I NEED to make it, or at least find one that’s already been created. (Obviously I cant say what it is, or give any info on it, apart from the fact 99% of LB users will probably use it or need it).

Iv been looking on-line to try and find something similar, over a year of looking and iv had no luck… So im guessing its not been done.

Iv mentioned it to about 4 close people, 3 have all been puzzled by it at first until they realise what it can be used for and how many functions it could have.

1, turned around and put more unique features on it and gave me LOTS of ideas for it…

I know it will need to be patented, but is their anything I should do/be aware of… etc etc…

I just mentioned it to my girlfriends mum… Now shes gone insane that iv had the idea for so long and not done anything about it. :unsure:

Thanks in advance…

Not sure how old this is but take a look

(PS good luck with it btw and do you want an agent/manager?:slight_smile:

HA, cheers Jets…

Funnily enough I have literally just applied for a pack from them… :slight_smile:

Email has just arrived to confirm it will be sent out soon. :smiley:

Patenting lawyer , do not talk about it … even to your mum .


Its about the first question they ask . Right after your name .

Is your idea a secret?
By far the most common mistake made
by people new to the world of patents is
reveal their invention too early.
If you reveal your
in any way
– by word of mouth, demonstration,
advertisement, article in a journal or
any other way – before you apply for a
patent, you are making your invention
This could mean that you lose
the possibility of being granted a patent.
Beware who you talk to
If you feel the need to talk to someone
before you apply, such as a potential
business partner, you should ask them
to sign a confidentiality agreement
before you talk to them. This means
they have to treat what you tell them in
confidence. A solicitor or patent attorney
can prepare this type of agreement for
Any conversation you have with patent
attorneys, solicitors or our staff is
confidential, so anything you say will
not count as revealing your invention
During the application process, you
may be contacted by an invention
promotion company. If you are, be very
careful what you agree to

When are you going on Dragon’s Den? :smiley:

yes, the fleshlight already exists.

lol :hehe:

Brett you had better build this invention ASAP or the stress of keeping it secret will give you a pain:ermm:

I have kept it a secret (99.9% of a secret) for 2 years… another few months wont hurt… :slight_smile:

Now I know my Mrs mum thinks its a good idea, I kinda feel I need to do it… Shes not an idiot and im fairly confident that its worth it. Her telling me it is a good idea just confirms it really.


Watch this space…

If you’v got an idea, get out there and work out how you can register the design (if you can) or produce it.

Have a google first, every time I have an idea its been done.

Even my smell o clock has been done :crying: (had the idea for ages though…)

2 years of google seaches and i havent found anything even close…

A starter for 10 -

It’s a slow process but if you’ve got something good do it!

So, iv just been doing some more reading on this.

(from Innovate Product Design) - They seem to have good reviews, the paper work they sent me seems to be promising etc etc…

However, now I have the question,

WHO should I choose & what should I be looking for that might not be an obvious thing to look for?


Is this any help?..

Trevor Baylis is an inventor who always complained that the person with the idea had little protection against getting the idea ripped off.

Send me a description and diagrams and any other information about your product and I will see it I can help. :slight_smile:

news article by one of my bosses

MeGroovy - While waiting to see what Daws’ invention is can you get us one of those self-filling wineglasses to pass the time?:slight_smile: