Crazy supermoto video


this ones prity sweet


i want one now. that jump was pretty sick

That’s my favourite, there is lots more good sm videos;

Supermoto weekend partie 1
Uploaded by dee_motard. - Watch auto videos

Supermoto Weekend partie 2
Uploaded by dee_motard. - NASCAR, F1, tuning and drift videos.

Supermoto Weekend (partie 3)
Uploaded by dee_motard. - NASCAR, F1, tuning and drift videos.

always thought you had a ccm 404 mate

drb that last one with the french guys was great :)and part two with the crazy cow lol

haha nah not me

Wow, so so awesome. Love it.


Always a pleasant suprise to see myself on old supermoto compilations. :smiley:

Do you have any clips from that day?





No mate, not seen any yet.

Probably just as well.:wink:

Wicked wheelie photos!

i new one of you would be on that ace cafe moto video:)

And I can’t even do a proper wheelie…


how frequently is the ace that busy with people and crazies doing wheelies? never been down, will definitely go down when im back from uni!

that depends if your a copper or not :slight_smile:

i see, its like that then! just curious as to when would be the most lively time to visit