CRAZY stunt gone wrong vid

No gore or anything, but man, that is a burnout gone WROOOOOOOONGGGGG…

Busy day Jay??? LOL

Now I remember why I don’t do too many burnouts these days.

I thought the rear dude’s bike went backwards somehow, but no - it can’t have. Then looked again! Blimey. I bet he wasn’t expecting that!

New shorts please.

emm errr oucha, hahaha

sheite…had to watch that a couple of times poor sod, what does the guy say at the end? sounds like he says wan*er…

It sounds like ‘My Gawd!’… Crazy how the bike flipped the guy off the mudguard and then launched itself. Those guys were lucky not to get hurt, big time.

Very lucky, that bike just launches itself at him, prob a child of HERBY!!!



You been missing your tablets, njs ?

You are a very strange man.

Hey, it’s a strange world !!!