CRAZY people live in London

Jesus, this story sends shivers down my spine. Besides the mans actions, I’m a little bemused at the 30 mins Police response time, assuming the story is accurate.,,1956833,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

can we not have some good news Jay??? …season of good will an all

Okay, here’s some good news; I’ve moved in with Foxy

Old news now that story (the murder one, not your moving in story). Still a very odd incident though (again, I’m refering to the murder one) .

30 mins response time? Hmmm, remember, this is a Guardian article. We dont know whether thats 30 mins from the initial call or from when the attack began. Who knows what time they were called.

I bet the guardian have dispatched their finest human rights people to guide the poor offender through the legal process.

I’d personally dispatch the noose for him.

well that is good news… congratulations

dont forget to put the toilet seat up now you are sharing

I like Gary Webb,

Gary Webb, 47, passed the scene while on his way to work on his motorcycle. "I saw a man lying on the ground. He was clearly dead so I went to help.

lovin that avatar trig!!!


thats not to far from my gaff, 10 mins infact… about the same distance the other way the owner of the local chinese was stabbed 57 times in her own house…

Bit rough where you live…

Would never happen in Essex

Mainly happens in Epping Forest, then the bodies are buried

I thought only doggin’ happened in Epping Forest

Ermmmm wouldnt know, not been over there in the dark …

its not that bad three murders within 4 months all within ten minutes from my house and the bloke who killed that french bird on Twickenham green with the hammer lived just round the corner from me, but its been quiet for a few weeks now… i think the nutters are all cleaned up

Thought a few of you went out doggin’ the other weekend

yeah you have remember??? we didnt get out the car and only stayed for half hour or so

Oh yeah, we was trying to find ‘hangmans hill’ wasnt we

Ahhhh so that was you two with your interior light flashing

yeah then gave up…

Interior lights flashing?.. no… that must of been Flat’s naked bum cheeks