Crazy lean angles on my first trackday

Here are some shots of the “damage” I unknowingly did to my bike while going round druids at Brands. It was my first time on track and I only wish it had been for a full day and not just an evening session. Still the weather was perfect and at around £80 for 3.5 sessions (the first session being cut short by the 3 sighting laps) then it was not bad value for money (for Brands!).

I felt the footpeg touching down, but only later found out that the bellypan, engine crash bung, and rear brake lever had also touched down. Although this made me feel like a track hero I think what it really means is that my cornering technique needs some attention! :w00t: Are you out there B?!!

I have been discussing this on the following thread in the trackday section:

We have come to the conclusion that I may have momentarily lost the front and saved it with my knee! Either that or that there’s a moto GP bike underneath my CBR’s fairings!

I wanted to know how it must’ve looked to be leaning the bike low enough to touch down the bits that got scraped round druids. I got busy photoshopping a sample photo of me from the day…enjoy!

PS I know my body position is wrong…it was my first time on track so I’m well aware I have lots to work on. Feel free to post constructive &/or humorous critisism though! :wink:

LOL!!!:w00t: engine bungs!!!

Here are some sample photos from the day. If you’re wondering where my Hi-Vis waistcoat is, I took it off after the first session after realising I was no more a liability than the other guys on the track.

Brave…!!! Just thinking that you can have the engine bungs as a talking point all summer…:smiley:

I was close to running out of tyre and losing the bike, of that I’m sure. Whether it was an act of bravery or stupidity I’m not so sure but I appreciate the compliment! :wink:

As for being a good talking point. Yeah I can pretend to be a track hero now. :cool: Let’s just hope I don’t bin the bike next time!

I wonder if I should send R&G a photo for a laugh…

Blimey. That impressed me. Don’t they have gravity at Brands anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

what you do not know cannot scare you…

Well done matey!!! What tyres have you got on?

Couldn’t agree more! If I knew I was scraping the bike on the track I most definitely would’ve been straight back in the pits to change my boxers!

Dangermouse: I’m on Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs; this is a testament to them surely!

Thumbs up for those tyres!!! I’m on Bridgestone Bt 020’s at the mo…

I’m sure that they go further than I do!.. I’m a big scared knee downer!

dude…thats mental! :w00t: Spiderman must have been involved with the development of ur tyres lol, how was the sbr out on track? did u ride out there and ride back?

Snoody: if you wanna get your knee down in a safe environment and beat the knee down nerves then get out on a trackday! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

ShinKuza: The CBR was formidable on track. It was like losing my virginity all over again, only better!

Taking a bike as capable as the CBR on track was amazing as I got to see just what she could do (within my limits of course!) I was braking so late into druids that I had the rear end squirming around until just before turning in for the hairpin, where I seem to have pulled off some impressive lean angles! To think that a first-timer on a ROAD bike can pull this off on ROAD tyres just shows how incredible modern sportsbikes are (although now that it’s 5 years old it’s not really a modern sportsbike…by modern sportbike’s standards!!!).

Maximum respect there. Not that I am any expert, (can’t even KD yet), but those photos look like you’re not hanging off enough? Serious lean angles going on there :cool:

Tom, you don’t need to lean the bike THAT far over in fact its probably not a good idea at all as you are more likely to loose traction from the tyres.

Body position looks too rigid and upright, you need to relax the arms more and lean into the bike. You will give yourself more of a contact patch on the tarmac and so able to put the power on sooner.

Well done for sheer nerve though, i’d be gutted if i got my fairing and mushroom down, i hate scratches lol

haha nutbag :hehe:

still reckon you must have done a colin edwards and saved a front slide for that damage :w00t:

Poor body positioning. You are doing the classic sit more upright then the bike. You want your body to be lower then the bike, right butt cheek hanging off the seat and head somewhere near the right mirror. This will pick up the bike. Last time I was there I was talking to a guy that had crashed, looked like he rode off the edge of his tyres. The pegs are there for a reason, once it touches down DO NOT lean any further or this will happen.

Here is one of me at Druids

Using rearsets is a little more tricky as you don’t get that warning so you have to use your knee to find out what your lean is.

na… if he had a front end slide he would have known about it.

10 out of 10 for effort Tom, I like a rider who tries but as has been said already, that amount of lean angle is not necessary plus it’s dangerous but I’m well impressed as it’s your first trackday:cool:

You must be doing something right because most riders would have been on their arse well before that amount of lean angle.:wink:

I’m off to try your recommended tyre pressures:w00t:

Damn! :w00t:Chunky, take a gander at that, and look what tyres he’s running :smiley: