crazy car driver tries to take out a load of bikers on the highway

  1. crazy guys on the bikes not wearing protective gear
  2. good control and balance from those he swerved into
  3. doesnt he/she realise nearly ALL bikers stick together even if they dont know each other
  4. hope the car driver got their comeuppance

Wow what a fucking loonatic!

However, a guy tries to knock you off at 60mph… how is a group of 10 bikers chasing him down going to improve matters!? All it does antagonise the pillock more and provoke him into doing it again. Slow down, let him f*ck off, then carry on your way. It’s already on video if you want to report him for it.

yeah, but hten what… he learns he can get away with that kind of thing… and how is being told by the Cops that there isn’t sufficient evidence to prosecute going to help that situation…

Ever watched Motorway Patrol or “Police Ha ha we’re wasting our time, cos the lawyers are too rich to give a **** if justice is done or not”

as its known these days…

If you want to follow him 200 yards back until he stops and then knock seven shades of **** out of him, fine - he could obviously do with an attitude adjustment… Probably best not to ride right alongside him when he’s already swerved into your mate though.

He was probably lucky that the cops turned up to sort things out.

follow him to his destination swing your help around his head and knock him out cold utter twat and deserves to be beaten the **** out off