crazy car chase through slough


That was some dangerous driving. Well done to the team for not loosing him.

Oh my god, that was a step aboard what you normally see on Road Wars. Insane driving. Good driving by the cops. I can’t believe no-one was killed. A biker or pedestrian could easily have got it.

1 year for one offence and 19 months for another, he’ll be out in 6 months or so and driving again even though he’s banned for 3 years . . . why can’t people like that be locked up for 3 or 4 years ? All those resources to catch him and it’s almost pointless if the courts don’t lock him away for a long time.

yeah, g’damn 1 year n 19 months? more like 6-8 months if he’s lucky n then it starts all over again. bloody courts

I agree he could have so easy have killed someone he needs to be locked up for at least 5 years

Hectic driving…takes a special amount of inconsideration for other people’s safety to drive like that…