Crazy Bus Driver

Bristol is a safer place without this nutter on the road! This is appaling…

Agree, this bloke shouldn’t hold a PSV (or whatever the double standards agency call them this week) licence. However, I’m interested in the back story. What caused Hill/Meads ‘altercation’ in the first place???

Love the guy who’s like “I was crossing the road, I saw a bus knock a cyclist off…**** it I’ll just keep crossing the road like nothing happened”

You can’t condone the drivers actions but you don’t know the context either. The cyclist is intentionally blocking the bus. How long had he been keeping that up for?

At least he indicated! :wink:

The guy had just been sacked that day according to the other BBC article… not sure why he was still driving.

But yeah he’s bang out of order… So:

Buses out of Bus Lanes? :smiley:

Gotta wonder how much it took to drive the guy to snap like that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t condone what he’s done.

But if that BBC report is true & he had been sacked that day, then the bus company should take some responsibility!!.. I know that most bus companies will get the said employee off the premises as soon as they’re told to stop them causing any possible damage :unsure:

The relevant article with that comment

Serrisan (17/02/2012)

The relevant article with that comment[/quote]

Oh, I believe what you said as I had read the article.

But the beeb are a little like sky these days… Misquote first then apologise later :ermm:

Looks like the cyclist was intentionally blocking him, and then tried to pull out infront of the bus again when the driver was changing lanes? Not trying to condone the drivers behaviour, but the cyclist isn’t an angel here.

No worries I always like to post sources anyway

You’re right about the beeb though :slight_smile:

That is exactly why cyclists should be made to do a CBT and have road tax. They use up the same amount of space on the road and don’t know what the fuc* they are doing.

The amount of cyclists in central London that deserve that. Having said that I used to see a fella cycling when I used to commute daily into central London and he had very pleasant road manners and always said hello so they aren’t all the same as the pr!ck in the video.

I never understand why bus drivers are in such a rush - when they get where they’re going, they just turn around and go back anyway.

The bus driver is obviously a bit mental but the cyclist forgot the golden rule, don’t put yourelf in harms way - being right doesn’t fix broken bones later.

We’ve covered this… road tax has nothing to do with the road :stuck_out_tongue:

i think it should be law if they have a bike lane fking stay init if your out in the middle of the road that should be a instant fine or they take your bike and crush it i know if i ride somewer i shouldent they would try and take my bike

isnt that attempted murder? or gbh at the very least?

I would say attempted murder from that video - purposely swerving a 10 tonne bus into a cyclist.

@Ross - I can’t see a bike lane in that video. I suspect that any passing police car would have pulled the cyclist for riding like a dick in that situation, same as if they caught a motorbike riding like a dick.

it says he was sacked on the same day, my guess is that it was after he knocked the cyclist off, unless his boss is a bit of a fortune teller on the side ? :wink:

Problem with that is most cycle lanes are on the left hand side, what happens when you want to turn right?