Crazy BSB: Snetterton Photos!

Snetterton saw the fifth round of the British Superbikes series, a completely balls-out fast circuit where many riders miss their braking markers and end up in nearby crop fields! Crazy races in superbike, superstock, supersport and the new KTM Superduke cup. Ryuichi Kiyonari did the double in the superbikes class.

There’s two full galleries here:

British Superbikes, Snetterton R5 #1

British Superbikes, Snetterton R5 #2

Teaser shots:

Lovely pics!

Thanks for sharing them

Talk about having an action radar!!!

Could do with a guy like that to take some shots of me for my site!

Aye well, drop me a line and we’ll see if something can be organised eh?

I need a bigger version of shot two…Fookin classic

“Hmmm…Think I took a wrong turn”

That shot is one of my favs. There’s something about it. It’s not everyday you see a 200bhp superbike sowing seeds in a crop field, now is it?

Wonder if the farmer is suing for damages?

quality pics mate - held off looking til i caught the repeat of the races.

that black superdook even looks good - you must have a magic camera!

That’s the base model as well, not the R