Crashed :(

Just crashed my scoot tonight. Can’t believe it. Was just going through a traffic light junction gently when a guy in the opposite direction decides to just turn in right in front of me. I slammed the breaks, tried to avoid him by swerving to the right, so hit the rear end of his car and went over it. Bit a soar back, but I’m fine apart from that. The scoot miraculously still starts but the bodywork is a mess, broken brake leaver and broken glass.
Worst of it all though is that guy stopped, walked up to me and said “did you not see me?”. I was obviously a bit shocked and confused and didn’t understand. I started to think if I went through a red light, but was sure I didn’t. From then on, the conversation went:

me: I had a green light
him: But me too
me: But I was going straight ahead
him: But I had my indicator on

So this guy was claiming because he had his indicator on I should have let him through. Thankfully there was a witness who helped me trying to explain to the guy that he should have given way.

I just don’t understand …

It could have been a lot worse though. My back is acking a bit more, but hopefully it’s just bruising and nothing more serious.
Will need to ring the insurance company tomorrow, hopefully the Carol Nash legal team will do a good job.
Does anybody have any advice on how to deal with such a case?

I was going to get a bigger bike in the next couple of weeks (Yamaha XT660X), but I can imagine that sorting out the insurance will be a nightmare or impossible while this claim is outstanding. What a sad ending to this year :frowning:

Bad luck!

You must see your doctor or go to A&E asap to get your back checked in case there’s damage which shows up later.

I think also you should report the accident to the police as you were knocked off your scoot.

Doubtless other readers will give more advice soon.

Best wishes.


May try to see the doctor tomorrow.
Hadn’t thought about reporting it to the police. I may give the local police office a call tomorrow and ask how it works.

sorry to hear that!

hope your ok :slight_smile:

What Mike said. Get your back checked, for your own sake if not for a claim (though it could be very useful).

What a numpty that cager was is - so watch out folks!

Refer the tit to rule 180:

this bothers me the most: you break your bones, if not worse, and instead of help you get a mouthfull or some cold blooded idiocy!

is this ever to change to better??? :frowning:

they’re as convinced they’re right as you are…
not changing, ever…

mind yourselves out there…

Seconded, or is that thirded, Mike and Jim’s comment.

You hear of cars pulling out in front of two wheelers at junctions a lot, but a cager trying to claim right of way because his indicator was on is a new one to me!

Glad you’re OK though…


yes sadly it looks like you had better go through the motions, police doctors and insurance company and witness detils…I hope you have that…it is the most important…

As has been said yesterday it is extremely important that you go to the police and report the accident. Be sure to get the police report number as you will need it for the insurance and injury claim.
You said you had a witness. Hopefully you did get his (or her) details. And of course I assume you have the other drivers details.

Carole Nash legal teams are very good. I went through the process last year when an idiot did a u-turn in front of me (coming from the opposite direction) thus cutting my path. I got all my expenses (i.e. new leathers, new lid, new gloves) covered plus some more for the trouble (had severe chest pain for a month or so). In my experience the biggest hurdle was to get the police crime number (in my case the driver had given me bogus details).

Best of luck and hopefully your back is ok.

Sorry to hear what happened, as it has said before go and get you back checked out.

Sorry to hear of your off mate, but sounds like this guy is in the wrong big time, and you should put in a claim for all bodywork, new helmet, new trousers, jacket anything else that was damaged.

Indicators do not give right of way, see Jims’ post above, the guy clearly went against the Highway code, he assumed that you would brake to let him through. numpty.

Sounds like you did well to avoid as much as possible. Get the witness details, and good luck with the claim, get yourself checked out for any injuries.

If you are injured in an accident always call the police. I believe that they have to attend an accident related injury. I know that when I got knock off an ambulance was call and the police dispatched by default.

And as the others have alreay said get down to A&E and have the back check out, it is not worth waiting for.

the guys name was not Mr Salci was it driving a rover?

Thats the excuse they guy used on my claim, I was in my lane he just moves over and hits me, his excuse on the claim sheet, he saw me but had his indicator on!?!?!?!?

Thanks for the advice and kind words.

Just been on the phone all morning to GP, police, Carol Nash …
The Carol Nash team seems very good so far. Was a lot less hassle than I expected.

My back is fairly bruised this morning, but I think it’ll be alright. Will go and see a doctor today or Wednesday though.

The police said I should have called them when it happened. The only reason I didn’t is because I had an accident a few years ago where the guy tried to drive away (thanks to a kind biker for going after him) and the police didn’t even come out for that. They just let me wait in the cold for over 2 hours before letting me know they wouldn’t turn up. I guess I should have said straight away that there was an injury. I just would have hated to waste an ambulance resource if it’s not strictly needed. The guys are stretched enough.

I think he knew he was in the wrong but was trying it on. Thank god I had a witness (he was standing on the corner looking at it happen). It’s sad though. I could have broken my neck, but instead of admitting his wrong he was giving me a mouthful.
Hopefully it should be a pretty straight forward claims process. I guess he’ll try to say I was going too fast so he didn’t see me, but I wasn’t and hopefully the witness will be able to confirm that.
My main worry is that they’ll write off the bike and offer me peanuts for it. It’s difficult with old bikes. I only paid £500 for it but then spend £100s getting it on the road and improving it (engine & gearbox rebuild, new piston, new exhaust, new brakes, new rear hub, new bearings …). On paper it’s not worth very much because it’s old and not yet collectible. In practice, it’s difficult to find a reasonable priced PX200 in good nick.

We’ll see. Important thing is I’m alright, next important thing is when and what will I be riding next. I can’t stand the thought having to commute by train for more than a couple of days.

No, was a dark Toyota Avensis. I won’t post his name though.

Sounds familiar. Shocking. How do these people get their license?

Sorry to hear this, I’ve been driving into London the past week on my bike and the number of people who have pulled out in front of me is incredible. Must be the time of year. One in particular pulled out then stopped and tried to reverse into me, either brain dead or drunk.

Am going through a claim at the moment and would endorse what has been said already regarding seeing A&E, just pop down with a book to read for a few hours until they see you, any delay will reduce your claim as you have a duty of care to yourself too, so you must take appropriate action if you are inured - which you are, bruising is an injury.

Good luck with getting through this. Small comfort, perhaps, but a group like LB will be behind you.As for whether or not to ‘alert’ Police and Ambulance, I’m reminded of the time a boy in my school banged his nose on a desk-lid and caused a nose-bleed of epic proportions.

In spite of our best efforts, we couldn’t stop it so I took him to Casualty (as it was in those days).

Needless to say, by the time we were seen (very quickly), the bleeding had stopped.

When I apologised to the doctor for wasting his time, he replied that it was up to him to decide that and to always err on the side of caution!

Lesson learnt.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hence the need to recoup all your losses, including helmet, trousers, etc. Fingers crossed for an easy settlement.

Well you seem to be in good spirits, and in one piece, and despite the loss of the bike your health is the most important thing.

GWS and you be back on your bike before you know it.