Hi, Dont post here that often mainly lurk in the background. Had my gixer up for sale and finally sold it a week ago, feel I must tell this story as it kept me amused for a while!

Had it advertised on pistonheads for a while and sort of gave up hope selling this side of Christmas. Had a call from a lad in Sheffield during the week, told him about it and he asked if he can come down this weekend.

Turns up at mine at 1pm in a van with his mate so he clearly wants it, looks over the bike, starts it up, really pleased with it. Wants to take it for a ride, I ask for cash as you do, he only has £3500 on him, I say tell you what I’ll accept £3500 for the bike, was up for £3750 and it will only depriciate more over winter. He accepts this and hands over cash and we do the paperwork.

He asks if he can take it up the road but he needs to borrow my helmet as he forgot his (how the f**k do you turn up to test ride a bike and forget your helmet!! ???). Leant him mine, off he goes to the end of my street which is no more than 7metres (it’s just started to rain now), turns right to go out of my road, he’s slipping the clutch and reving it up a bit, I turn to his mate and say ‘tell him to take it easy as he has just got off 2years on a 125cc’. His mate turns and said to me that blah blah he can ride etc… He barely finishes his sentence when we hear the bike revving its nuts off and a crunching noise. Run round the corner and see the bike on it’s side.

Oh well, it’s his bike now, I’ve got the money!!!

Will need a new seat unit, gear shift and foot peg, rear pillion peg, clutch leaver, mirror, crash bung and generator cover!!! Scratched up my helmet and narrowly missed a parked car which was lucky as he wasn’t insured!!!

Sorry about the shaky photo i was laughing!!!

Am I cruel for laughing at him???


You must be lucky that you sold it. :wink:

Hey you were aiding and abetting :wink: … I wouldn’t want to see one of my bikes trashed even if I’d just sold it…imagine what he’s going to be like on it now lol.

Bloody hell Ken! (Good to see you back!). Bet you’re glad you took the prudent step of getting the cash first.

Is he going to pay for a new helmet?

What are you going to do now, bike-wise? £3500 seems awfully good for the buyer…

i wouldnt lend my helmet to anyone! blimey, ah well atleast you got the cash!:smiley:

Quality story thanks for the laugh this morning :slight_smile:

Good story mate, although shame that you need a new helmet now…thats 3250 you got for your bike…

bet he was glad his mate pitched up in a van…