crashed the..ducati

WTF was he playing at, its not like the gate pulled out in front of him at a junction lol

Mr officer?

can’t figure out wtf he tried to do :w00t:

me too, wtfcuk was he thinkin there’?.
you can’t miss those fookin’ gates!.


maybe he was tring to do it like they do it in the movies :smiley: just go through :D:D

maybe he saw the cadburys cream egg add where it jumps through a chesse grate and thought he wud give it a go?

but seriously thats friggin bizare…

Ive watched it a good few times and still cant work out what he was trying to do.

nah… he watched The Great Escape a couple of time and thought to give it a go!!

reckon that he had never really ridden a big bike before, was taking his mates for a razz up the road and didn’t realise his speed, tried to brake, locked up the back and whamo…the guys that come running up after look like bikers, so could have been his mates.

Bit of a muppet though…

maybe trying to wheelie for his mates (gets the front off the ground briefly in the other direction) and forgot you cant brake until the front is on the floor…:hehe:

well he won’t be doing that again in a hurry


I don’t think he was using his front brake at all, or had no front brake, the rear is locked so you would assume he is using the same pressure on the front but if you look closely there is no fork dive so can’t be using the front brake.

at least that is what it looks like to me.

were the links removed cause I can’t see anything…

perhaps he was just trying to ‘back it in’ …??

+1 - looks sore and expensive!

i used to let loads of mates and extended family have a pop on my crosser and even my ped when i was around 7 ish and even my elder cousins managed to scare themselves…which generally resulted in them going straight on into trees/sheds/walls and even a garage door.

I think its simply a panic mechanism for wuss’s and they instantly forget to yank the brakes/kill the throttle/do anything remotely logical :w00t:

he was lucky he hit something that gave a little as it could have been messy