Crashed on my first track day

Yes you read it right, did my first track day at Lydden Hill circuit on Saturday and binned it during one of the afternoon sessions. It was the first session after lunch, I was already knackered, our journey to the circuit had taken over 3 hours instead of 1 hour due to getting lost and my mate running out of petrol. I felt like a needed a red bull to sharpen myself up but suddenly was called for our session so had to get ready. The crash occurred on the fastest corner of the circuit coming off the straight. A few quicker bikes overtook me coming into the corner, although I was pushing hard and certainly wasn’t the slowest in our group (maybe I should have been), and it took my attention away for a split second as I looked at the line they were taking. I broke hard into the corner as usual but maybe I broke too late I don’t know but I felt a vibration in the front wheel and knew I was going to overrun the corner, and before I could let go of the brake the front wheel locked and I was off. Head hit the floor hard followed by shoulder, elbow and arm and in the process getting my knee down for the first time! Bike flipped over landing on its screen, front frairing trashed, both mirrors, tail piece, tank and right fairing. The right crash bung did a pretty good job although the fairing is still scuffed and the bung itself is bent. The left handlebar is also snapped, managed to tighten it up and hold it on with cable ties enough to limp it home (100 miles!!) one handed. My helmet also need replacing as it received a fairly heft impact from the tarmac and looks like its cracked pretty deeply.

I’m fairly philosophical about the whole thing although quite gutted about my pristine bike being trashed, I can’t complain as I knew the risks of taking it out on the track. I was surprised on the day how many crashes occurred, I counted 8 others before me who had been off, although a lot of these were track bikes so I supposed they are designed to do just that. I know it was my fault although one theory is that the vibration before the locked up was due to worn out brake pads or warped discs which led to the lock up although this has yet to be substantiated. To be honest I think it was just a case of running before I could walk and carrying too much speed around the circuit without having the experience to get myself out of trouble.

So anyway, the bike will be repaired as soon as possible and I’ll be able to use what I learned about handling of the bike in the morning sessions to improve my riding, and no doubt I’ll be back on the track soon. I’m not injured at all so that’s the main thing and I had an awesome time up until the crash. I’d have probably gone back on the track if the bike was ok!

Hopefully there will be some other people on here who have done the same thing or similar to make me feel better about the whole thing though.

P.S If anyone is breaking a green 2001 Kwak ZX6R J2 and has any of the parts mentioned for sale please PM me.

Sorry to hear that Sam, shame to hit the floor but at least you had a morning’s fun and you knew why it probably happened, tired, not prepared and maybe spooked a bit by another bike, easy stuff to happen and certainly all happened to me more than once.

Can’t heelp with the parts but do sympathise and hope it hasn’t put you off :slight_smile: There are loads of people who have come off in far less respectable circumstances :wink: so don’t worry about that :slight_smile: At least you were going for it :cool:

Youre not alone, mate. Consider that crashing there is the place to do it and not in front of an 18 tonne artic coming the other way…

Your attitude is great and very healthy.

An if you need a lift into (or out of) London, let me know :wink:

I’m guilty of crashing on the track too.

There’s photographic evidence on here somewhere :pinch:

Sorry to hear about your off Sam, I’ve also crashed at Lydden (more than once to be honest;)) Hope you’re not too battered and bruised.

Dust yourself off, get back out there and slowly build up your pace.

Afraid I don’t have any Kwacker spares, but good luck with finding the bits to repair the bike.


Glad you’re OK, have fallen fowl myself of screwing up a corner at speed (although on a public road :w00t: )

Sorry to hear that :crying: glad you’re ok though :smiley:

Thanks everyone. It certainly hasn’t put me off, although if i’m going to make track days a regular thing it might be an idea to invest in a track bike that I don’t mind chucking down the tarmac, mainly so I can ride at pace without the worry of trashing my road bike again. This might take some saving up though!

Sounds like my first track day…

and my second, and my third :smiley:

So what your saying is, if you don’t come off you’re not trying hard enough?? Or feck me i’m $hit?? ;):smiley:

Sorry to hear this mate, I know how easliy it happens.

Id say he is just being honest and that youre being a bit harsh :w00t::hehe::smiley:

Touchy aintcha!!! :smiley: How is my comment harsh??? didn’t you notice the >>>>>>> ;):smiley:

“Probably the feck me im ****…Gotta fix the bike again…but damn I’m faster than Ricky cos my R1 engine works” option :DTrack bike is the only way because at some point, most will bin their shiny road bike on track if used there. Using your road bike also holds you back as whilst you trying to keep it shiny, you’re probably not going as fast as you could go.Just my op.

What a mug!

Welcome to LB!

What bike do you ride?


Bezzer is my mate who sits opposite me in the office and has joined LB just to abuse me (maybe he didn’t like being lapped in every session by me on Saturday) :stuck_out_tongue:

You too, hon - didnt you see the >>>>>>> :w00t::hehe::DJust cause you crash, doesnt mean youre **** :PBut then I guess you knew that - being all-knowing and everything… ;):Dp.s. extra emphasis on the ;):smiley: - dont want you getting too touchy now… :hehe:

Don’t worry about my touchiness as it doesn’t exist, and as to me knowing everything that’s very nice of you thinking i do :wink:

That’s a bit nicer. Now why couldnt you have been like that to start with!!