Crashed my track bike on Thursday

I just wanted to post to remind people that you do really need to check your bike over before riding it on track and that you should pay attention to things that seem like small problems because they can cause a crash on track when you are asking more of your bike.

This was my first crash on track and I knew it would have to happen eventually but I am just annoyed with myself because it happened when I wasn’t really pushing it…I always expected to have a low side or run too hot into a bend.

Anyway this happened for a combination of reasons…some avoidable. The stupid thing is that I stopped on pit lane before going on track because my brake lever didnt feel right but I pumped it and it felt fine so I just went out anyway with the intention of seeing how it felt on the first lap. I was also being cautious because the brakes had felt a little less confidence inspiring in the dry (but I assumed that was new pads bedding in), there was a lot of standing water, I hadnt warmed my wets which I normally do and people always say that Donington is slippery when its wet. I was able to rely more on engine braking for most of the corners as I now have a slipper clutch but when I had to brake properly for the chicane, I realised that the bike wasnt really slowing down enough. I had braked early so I just let off and tried again but when I realised I wouldnt be able to slow down for the chicane, I planned to use the run off ahead of me. Anyway before I had a chance to let off the brakes again, the front tucked and I was sliding on the tarmac. Luckily my bike slid into the grass and the damage wasnt too bad. I was gutted that I caused a red flag for the others and that I had to miss the rest of the sessions but I knew even if I could fix my gear linkage rod, it would be stupid given that the brakes werent right.

Anyway now that Mike and I have checked the bike over, it appears that my Brembo master cylinder is faulty. The front discs are also buckled on both sides so not just the side that touched the tarmac. The discs were fine when Mike swapped them over for me but the bad thing is that I didnt check them after I fitted them so I cant be sure they weren’t fecked before I went out this time. I know how much of a school boy error that was…

I know exactly when the master cylinder started to misbehave…it was after lunch at Snetterton, the last track day before Donington, and unfortunately these were the only two I have done on this bike without Mike being there to check things over for me.
I pulled in on the first lap after lunch at Snetterton because the lever wasnt feeling as firm as it normally does. I adjusted the span back out and assumed someone had moved it and tested it out on the next lap. It still wasn’t as firm but it was stopping me so I just accepted that I had to pull a bit harder and continued as normal…and then I forgot to tell Mike :frowning:

So the moral of the story is dont just assume it will be fine and if you dont know enough about your bike, speak to someone who does to make sure it is all in working order. I am now going to spend an evening before each trackday in Mikes workshop with him so we can check things thoroughly before a trackday.

So now my poor bike needs a new footpeg, gear linkage rod, crash bung, steering damper bracket, discs, master cylinder and a lot of fibreglass. It’s an expensive hobby for sure!


If your Brembo master cylinder is faulty, then you should not only be able to claim your money back for that, but for the damage done to your bike by rejecting the goods.

Assuming you bought it from a company.

Oh and sorry to hear of your off, glad you are ok and the bike not too badly damaged.

Glad your OK, bike can be fixed!!

Yeah. I landed on my shoulder and knee which are bruised and had a sore neck for 2 days…probably from trying to not let my head touch the ground.
I slid for about 15 metres along the track…not sure exactly but it was long enough to try and get up twice having thought I had stopped! lol
As bizarre as it may sound, its nice to have had my first one out of the way as I dont feel as scared about it now :slight_smile:

Yeah bike can be fixed and I am lucky to know just the perfect man for the job

Kaos, I dont think its a truly “faulty” part, more just an old serviceable mechanical part that probably had a hard life before I bought the bike 2 years ago. I will be replacing it with another Brembo before Mallory

Shame you fell off yer bike through poor preparation.:unsure:
You sure this trackday malarky is suitable for gurls?

Can you still run? Or are you jibbing out of the London Air Ambulance half Marathon too?

Dear Anita:) , so sorry to hear you fell over, hope you are not hurting too much, get well soon, love and kisses xxxx


There were (& probably still are) a number of fake brembo MCs out there, particularly on ebay, this link shows what to look out for:

Bike preparation and pre ride checks (road & track) are overlooked by a lot of riders. I would also change your front tyre as those wets are crap. :slight_smile:

Donington can be a nightmare in the wet.

Glad your ok :slight_smile:

Glad you have no serious injuries.

glad your ok mate main thing your ok

Lol Mark…I did think it happened because I was too pleased with them :slight_smile:
And it is possible that they were never designed for slow speed wet riding…

Chris…I went out for a short run yesterday. I have been too busy to do any proper runs but will need to start in the next couple of weeks.

think that would depend on how long its been in use and on the bike…

When something “just doesn’t feel right” that’s your spider sense telling you not to. I’m old enough to know now: if it don’t feel right get it seen to now; don’t do “let me just take it out and test it a bit more…” I think you’ve just learned this the hard way :frowning: Be glad you’re ok!

Might not need to buy a new master cylinder (unless it was wrecked in the crash), because I believe they can be serviced and rebuilt.

ah bummer thats horribel. Sorry to hear.

As others have said, if something doesnt feel right, could even be your mood, then act on it.

Just annoying as i can see the situation you was in and if im honest, i probably would have done the same thing!

Lol… I am such a worrier that its really unusual for anyone to tell me not to do something dangerous…I normally need a push eg down a hill on a trials bike :wink: