Crashed K4-6: on road to recovery...

G’day all… Newbie here. Just thought I’d share some pics of my recent rebuild.

Bought a light dam’d GSXR few months ago, and it took 6 weeks to get all parts together to get it in a rideable state.


  1. K4-6 as seen when bought - cracked generator cover visible (just about)
  2. Damage to right side - what’s not visible is a hole in the engine block just behind clutch cover :S
  3. Cut down Akra


Felt soo bad when first I’d fixed everything up, expecting to ride away, only to find the hole in the engine block after it started p’ing oil out


  1. Engine out
  2. Crack visible top of block (which is just behind the bottom of clutch cover if that makes sense hehe)
  3. Instant gasket comes in Suzuki Blue!!!


hehe last pic:

  1. Engine back where it should be

I’ve got a video of when we got it started up, but file’s like 14mb…(!)

Funny thing is, i don’t have any current photo’s of what it looks right now… Soon as it was rideable, the camera was put down!

I’ll get round to taking a pic of how it looks now.


wow what a job to underatake! did you do it all yourself??

looks like the state of mine after my first trip over the top of it and onto a grass verge!!

did you have any problems from that crash bung in the first pic???

hey adam… yeah, did most of it myself. got a mate to help with taking out engine, splitting, joining and putting back in, but everything else pretty much straightforward.

When i saw that bung, i thought it would… but all that appeared to happen was it bent back, but wasn’t touching the frame (nor did it leave any dents)…

Had to cut off the head, and mole grip the last bit out…

how did you repair the cracked block? Looks like you might have just replaced the lower/sump. Can’t quite work out from pictures but you might have been lucky as it did not break the upper part. Nice to have a decent workshop.

Hey Nuts,

Yeah, it was the bottom 1/3rd of the engine that had the hole in it (the bit the oil sump/pan attaches to)… Was advised by someone initially to use ‘liquid metal’, but I wasn’t too sure about that, plus hole was pretty large. Phoned around breakers and eventually found the part that needed replacing, plus an undamaged oil sump/pan.

I asked my mate to help with sorting the engine bit (as i’d never done it before), and he suggested we work at the garage where he’s a mech, on a ‘quiet’ day. We cleared it with his boss, and set to work one Sunday. Helps soooo much if u can get hold of someone with a tin o’ SnapOns and a bit of nouse hehehe

bruv I am amazed with the amount of work you have had to put in to get it back on the road. howz ur balls by the way after your incident with the gate


yeah, this posting was about the first time i had to rebuild the bike… I’m okay after recent crash

Yo Rich does that mean there’s a Road to Recovery 2

Think you should fighter it m8

It looks the nuts!!

if you just cut it done how did you get the pipe back together if so could you tell me how to do it?

lol yeah, “Road to Recovery Part Deux” soon to be released…

Here’s a pic of current damage:

I’ll fighter it once i’ve got a 750

hehe Cheers corona gixxa

It was cut by hand, my mate did the sawing (gently). Took less than an hour to do. Was basically drilling out rivets, cutting outer and inner tubes, mating up the band, drilling then re-rivetting… Would probably make more sense to go through it with the can at hand. If you are going to attempt it, please be careful… might be better to get someone else to do it (so you can blame them if it goes wrong! haha), plus the exhaust packing/wadding stuff gets everywhere. Hopefully catch up with ya at Ace or Frith once the bike’s been put back together.



Rebuilt it a second time a few months ago, and here’s a link to the gallery showing a pic of my bike as it stood last wednesday at the BMM…

And as it stands today… (yeah, just painted the seat unit. Tank and panels to follow soon hehe)