my heart is with you my friend!!!

Are you ok?

Ah, not as lucky as we were hoping I remember that level of damage myself, been there, done that (unfortunately). What’s the plan? eBay? Reckon the essentials are right, i.e. frame/forks/wheels? Bad luck mate

getting better, it was such a lovely bike



sh i te :o

You ok mate? Not good!

Looks like you had a camera strapped to that tank, sorry to be morbid, you got any footage?


ohhh wigs…you get better by the day…!!!

keep it up mate…lol

1doohan…so sorry to see that happen to your stunning bike mate…i sooo feel for you…

keep the faith brother…keep the faith…

not so smiled.

Sorry to say had camera with me but not switched on. i would love to have seen it go down on tape

you could have sent it to beadle to pay for some new bodywork at least

Seriously though, looks like a lot of work went into that bike, there’s a lot of Gixxers breaking on ebay right now, good luck with the mechanical/physical/spiritual recovery mate

Oh mate so sorry to see that! Gutted for you I really am!

Blimey. glad you were (reasonably) okay after that.

So was it a long walk back to Blighty ?

Pictures don’t make the bike look at all good mate. Glad you escaped with what the damage you did though, that place takes many lives on a yearly basis. Good luck with fixing her if thats what you do.

Glad you are ok! The ring can be unforgiven…

Terry your signature is so funny… Sorry Andrew…

Is she fixable or will it be one for the insurance company, im sure it was your bike I saw down the ace with all the stickers on it, So sorry man glad your on the mend

Ive seen ur bike down ACE too she was lovely.

Im sorry to hear and see that 1 doohan hope your ok and hope shes fixable.

Bad news 1Doohan, your luck must get better soon. Hope the damage is not as it looks.

Did anything go through your mind as you were sliding on your ass towards the barriers at a mad speed?

oooooops indeed, least you are around to tell the story - hope you recover fully and get back on track - you need to defend your cannonball title

Yikes, that’s one unhappy looking bike! Glad you don’t share this level of injuries!

Looks worse than it is (i hope)

Picked up some bodywork tonight and expect it to be on the road by the weekend,not perfect but rideable.

It was last years cannonball bike and hope it will be in use for this years event

quite alot went thru my mind as was sliding along: Oooooh my hands are getting very hot, and time to think “armco-armco” while watching it come towards me.

I don’t know if this’ll cheer you up or not but I’m pretty sure there’s a picture of you in this months PB. Inside the front cover at the Ring on the 16/04/06. Similar looking bike (cannonball sticker) and wolf leathers.